Cedar Biotea Sdn. Bhd. is incorporated in Malaysia since 1995 and geographically located on the mainland of the Penang State in the Northern Peninsula. We are a reputed manufacturer and exporter of tropical herbs, health & functional tea, herbal soap and a wide range of other bio-care products.

Our tropical herbs are typically processed into dehydrated bulk ingredient, usually in tea size ranging from 1- 3mm and are exported into countries like Japan, Korea and parts of Europe where they are used in the formulation of herbal and diet teas.

We also offer OEM final tea bag packaging for a wide range of customers both locally in Malaysia and for export into countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, USA and US Guam Island.

Our vision is to become the biggest and best quality supplier of tropical herbs and health tea from Malaysia for a world-wide herbal and health tea market. To this end, all our manufacturing are done in the most modern and hygienic facility. Our facility is certified HALAL since Feb 2009.

To ensure sustainability of the supply chain, we are supported by a wide network of contract farmers who are mainly native Malay who are expert in herbal agricultural practices and cultivation. We constantly work with and develop contract farmers while maintaining a few hectares of our own land where we cultivate herbs like candle bush (cassia alata) , strobilanthes crispus and many other popular Malaysian herbs.

Our mission is to ensure that we create maximum value to our customers, suppliers, employees and stake-holders. We treat everyone with equal respect, irrespective of socio-economic status, ethnic, culture and beliefs. We value integrity, honest hard work, team spirit and thrive to nurture these values at the very core of our company.


... herbal excellence in our market niche...